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A machine gun used in Vietnam, made a debut at the end of the Korean War, Made obsolete my the Army in 1997 by the FN M240B, Still Navy and Marines use the newer version the M60E3. Many debate ifthis weapon should be used n urban disguised combat, making a comeback.
by Kahuna Hu May 03, 2003

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The modernized assault rifle with a low calibre velocity of 5.45x39 mm, almost an equivalent to the M16A1E2. A replacemet to the AK47 because of low recoil and lighter weight. It does more damage than the 7.62x39 mm M1943 caliber.
The AK 74 first seen combat in Afghanistan in 1979.
by Kahuna Hu May 06, 2003

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The new issued Army Headwear which will boost the morale of the army! The critics think it steels ranger tradiditon. I think the army needs a headgear change and Voila, the Black Berets!
Ballards of the Black Berets.
by Kahuna Hu May 01, 2003

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