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A girl who is full of energy and always smiling or joking around. She is beautiful inside and out and gives good advice, shes a natural beauty which draws people in. People who don't know her thinks she is innocent but her true friends knows she is far from being that. She has the kindest heart and is willing to help anyone. She is athletic but very lazy at same time. All the boys love her and girls want to be her. She has a killer body and big butt. Don't take her for a punch bag because if you pick a fight she will surely be the one winning it. To top it a all if she is smart and knows how to get what she wants.
Blake: Look at that girls body and butt

Hunter: she must be a Raeanna
by K_baby January 06, 2015
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1. A Facebook "like" with added emphasis. Commonly known in response to a recognized prompt.

2. Similar to an Aaayy-mmmeeen!!, a common "shout" (see below) performed. Literally meaning 'truely' or 'it is so'. Very strong agreement.

3. shout : A 'shout' is both an individual thing and a thing of the gathered worshippers. While worshipping at a service or event, the worshipper starts to experience the presence of God, and it builds up inside until it can't be restrained and bursts forth in loud noises (whoops, stutters, short praise phrases and such, with raised arms and shaking hands) in praise to God. The noises are often followed by dancing, running, singing, or even fainting. There is no calm or quiet shout. In many African-American and Pentecostalist churches, it is an accepted and even cherished act of worship at certain times during the event or service. It becomes extra-special when people all over the sanctuary/auditorium/tent break out in shouts, losing themselves fully into praise. When that happens, it's full of both fun and joy.
ex.: "Can I get a like?"

"If you heard that, throw me a like!"

"Common y'all, give me a like!"
by K_Baby June 28, 2012
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