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Answering the Needs of Citizens w/ Handicaps thru Organized Recreation.

A camp for children and adults w/ special needs and handicaps, such as Downs Syndrome, autism, and much much more.

One of the happiest places you'll ever be in.

Campers wear red, volunteers wear blue, staff wear white, and young adults wear green.

Its really awesome, and everyone wants to go, and people who dont are really jealous.

Camp during the summer is def the best.
ANCHOR is my favorite way to spend the summer.
by KTrain and BR July 26, 2005

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The lamest town ever.
Takes pride in being a green town.
The town animal is a squirrel, and the town tree is a maple.
Those from other areas think its the shiz, but no one really knows why. Bc its not.
Lots of people smoke. Lots of people are emo. And some are ghetto. and i am a wigga.
Dont come to Floral Park bc we'll shoot you.
by KTrain and BR July 19, 2005

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