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the most pointless age ever. you may as well turn 19 two years in a row. there is absolutely nothing significant about this age except, perhaps, the commonly said "you're not a teen anymore!" ... big fucking deal. i still can't legally drink.
"happy birthday, kelsey!.. wow, 20 years old!.. you're not a.."
"shut the hell up."
"hey, now! only 365 more days until you can.."
by KELSCULLHAAII August 16, 2009
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the alternate word for facebook, as many people use the social-networking website as a fact-checker.
Kaitlin: Are Zach and Liz still together?
Kelsey: I'm not sure... check factbook.
Kaitlin: ..oooh it's COMPLICATED.
Kelsey: Fair game. GET ITTTT.
by KELSCULLHAAII April 14, 2010
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