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1. v. This word was birthed when an amazingly sextraordinarily saucy female stated that she would rape anyone who could speak in a voice resembling that of a Bill Clinton, and the male with whom she was conversing proceeded to respond, well, I can speak in voice just like Clinton's. So, "Oh my God, NOW".

The astute and analytical female proceeded to mention how OMG NOW backwords says "wongmo"; raping a personally solely because they have a voice much like that of the late President Clinton is a backward concept; thus, it follows, that the anacronym is pronounced "wongmo".

To wongmo, essentially, means to rape someone who would be unwilling to be raped were it not for the massive sexual appeal of the raper. And yes, one can be willingly raped, it's a bit like.. hm, well it's like when a person is "forced" to engage in sexual acts; however, they enjoy the acts, it just allows them to disavow personal responsability if they say that they were forced. Also, it is rape if the "wongmoer", if you will, would have engaged in sexual acts with the wongmo-ee regardless of whether consent was issued.

*Note: wongmoers must have a mad-sexual appeal, that is irrefutable to both genders

2. adj. anything that is amazingly or orgasmically rad
1. Dude, I was in this ally when out-nowhere this bitch in red hot leather with saucy lips, a sweet ass, thighs like what, what, carting a whip approached me. She then proceeded to throttle me whilst playing Marvin Gaye music quite loudly from a small handbag which she'd cast off to the side. God it was fucking amazing. She wongmoed me like an she was an ape in heat. God it was so wongmo.

2. Man, that was so fucking wongmo.
by KEGavin December 25, 2005
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