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A sweet, loving and gentle girl(overall). She will never cheat and always be loyal. You can always go to a Kelsey for advice... for she will never lie to you. She is beautiful inside and out, and is anything but a slut. Once you have a Kelsey as a friend or a girlfriend, never let her go. Her heart easily gets broken. Is overall smart, but spaces out in the few classes that bore her. This is a great time to snag a Kelsey.
BFF: Kelsey! My boyfriend is cheating on me! What should I do to get back at him?

Kelsey: Confront him and the girl and let them both know how you feel and remind him your a KELSEY!!!!!
by K-mylife August 07, 2011
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A nickname for Kelsey, Kelly, Kelsi, Kelsii, Kelsee, Kathryn, Katy, Katie and alike names
Mark: Hey! 'Sup Kelsinator!

Kelsinator: Nothing much, u?
by K-mylife August 20, 2011
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