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An acronym, Text Girls Eat Pussy. Similar to F.B.G.M., T.G.E.P. describes the lifestyle of a player. A player that lives by this acronym doesn't want love, a relationship, or children. He wants to get shit done and move on to the next ho. T.G.E.P. and F.B.G.M. go hand in hand, and one can live by both of these words.
Brotha 1: Whatchu doin tonight, bro?

Brotha 2: Doo, I gotta go see Confessions of a Shopaholic wit ma girl.

Brotha 1: That ho got you whipped! T.G.E.P. all day!

Brotha 2: I envy you, dawg. I really do.
by Just Jeffrey November 17, 2009

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