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A so called 'pop icon'. Who is adored by fans all over the world, usually the ages 9-14, and female. Why they love her is beyond my understanding, for she is untalented, Hillary Duff wannabe. Who's voice can only be described as Paris Hilton singing into a tin-can, instead of a magic mic. Miley Cyrus, is said to be a 'good girl' yet she poses half-nude on a magazine cover. Miley Cyrus, will soon take the same route as Hillary Duff, by developing an eating disorder, wanting to be just like (insert pop diva's name here) and then writing a song with similar lyrics to 'Reach Out and Touch Me, By Hillary Duff'.
Idiotic Girl #1: Oh My God!
Idiotic Girl #2: Oh My God! What?!?
Idiotic Girl #1: Hannah Montana the Movie is out!
Idiotic Girl #2: Oh My God! I know!!!
Me: Hannah Montana is the most idiotic, worthless pop icon in the history of Disney.
Idiotic Girls #1 and #2: Oh My God! How could you say that?!? Hannah and Miley are the BEST!!!
Me: No, she isn't. And Miley Cyrus & Hannah are the same person.
Idiotic Girls: What?!? How can that be?!?
Me: You two are more moronic than Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie combined.
{Note: The two idiotic girls soon developed brain cancer from hearing too much of Miley Cyrus' '7 Things'.}

Miley Cyrus is indeed the most ludicrously moronic human being in Hollywood.
by Junita♥the♥Angel April 15, 2009

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