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A female who exibits strong preferences for roles and actions typically associated with men in a patriarchial society. These women may be the breadwinners and providers in a family or may simply have a high appreciation for worldly, intellectual and personal success over nurturing babies. This may also be a woman who has a lessened appreciation for boy-craziness and barbies. Being metrasexual does not necessarily mean that a woman does not like to groom herself, although this characteristic is generally not at the forefront of her motivations or actions she brings into the world. If she indulges in excessive self-grooming, it is usually a secondary action meant to support another goal.
To take into account the concept of yin and yang; A metrasexual would be a woman with a strong yang influence to her energy. The very joy of metrasexuality is the freedom to make alternative decisions based on capability and not gender or erotic preference.
Archetypally, metrasexuals are represented by the virgin goddesses of Hestia, Artemis, Athena and the alchemical goddess Aphrodite. These are personality profiles of the female nature that does not give her will over to others. Metrasexuality has been recognized since ancient civilization. This is just our modern term we set up to coutneract the power of such narrow classifications of homo and heterosexual.
by Julianna Devone March 22, 2004

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