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A monkey from Southeast Asia that carries the Herpes-B virus in over 90% of its population. It is also a carrier of the Simian Foamy Virus which is believed to be the originating source of HIV/AIDS.

Apparently George Allen from Virginia, a United States Senator, believed it was appropriate to equate a supporter of his opponent with this primate that may be responsible for the AIDS epidemic. It is also a very popular racial slur in countries like France where George Allen's mom is from.
"He must have Herpes and HIV since he is a Macaca. Perhaps I'll send a message to my opponent by calling his cameraboy one of these."

"Hello, I am in the Ku Klux Klan and I hate black people, or as racist bigots such as myself like to call them, Macaques."

by Juggernaut Bitch! August 18, 2006
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