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Rolling Meadows, or Rolling Ghettos, is a suburb of Chicago and one of the best ones around. Not only is it home to the Mustangs but also home to Dragon Tunnels.

Built in 1955 Rolling Meadows is home to the car show every Friday and probably one of the most craziest high schools around.

Meadows High School is known for being REALLY active at there football games and the school it self is crazy where anything and everything happens.

The name Rolling Ghettos comes from the city itself... with all the druggies and some crime, it has been called Rolling Ghettos since the beginning and has lived up to it.

Dragon Tunnels is a 3 chamber tunnel that leads to Arlington Race track that is also a bridge and dam. It is called Dragon tunnels because of the Dragon Mural that was painted in there years ago. Ever since people now use that place as an art gallery, From gangs to people who just feel like painting, its rolling meadows own street art show.
Rolling Meadows is the best town in the WORLD
by Juggale September 19, 2010
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