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Daisy. An attractive woman. A way of saying a female is attractive, without them realising so. Usually said in a high pitched femine voice, just for banter. Can also be used as a way of starting conversation with an attractive woman.
"Ay Bruv, you see that girl? She's Daisy!"

"Excuse me, is your name Daisy...?"
by Jude-Hartley May 06, 2008

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Player, A male who's good with the ladies
Jade Ashley? Rarr you know he gets nuff girls, he's a proper Gyallis!
by Jude-Hartley May 05, 2008

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Basically, sex. Dook, or dooks means to have or be up for sex. Can also be meant in the sense of being attractive, as "Dooks" comes from Daisy Dukes (Played by Jessica Simpson)
"You get dooks?"
"We on dooks tonight?"
"Yeah she may be nice, but is she dooks?"
"Jade Ashley's such a gyallis, he gets dooks everytime he's out!"
by Jude-Hartley May 06, 2008

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