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A fun game played during intercourse. The male takes position behind the female, and begins to have intercourse with her. During copulation, as the mood gets more excitable, the male shouts out another woman's name.
This is where the game begins. The male then tries to hold on and continue having sex with the female for as long as possible as the female tries to get away; annoyed with the male for using the wrong name.
'I played ride the rhino with the missus last night... Managed to hold on for 19 seconds! It was fun... She said it was rape though.'
by Judder Man February 20, 2008

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The felt-like stuff which seals the windows of older, pillarless cars; usually pimping Mercedes.
Jim: "I'm going to give my car a good clean tomorrow. I jetwashed all the fubber on my car earlier."

John: "Fubber?"

Jim: "Yeah, the fubber seals. My car's window seals are made of fubber as opposed to rubber."

John: "Of course. You pimp a Merc these day."

Jim: "I sure do."
by Judder Man February 17, 2008

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