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-A gash in a solid object or mass, produced by forceful contact from a swing of an axe.
-A play on the word asshole, a sort of Malaprop.
-A term that describes dirtbag lumberjacks.

-When used in conjuction with lumberjack,(a derogatory term for gay men) it can be an add-on to further convey a gay male's affinity for man orifice.

-A double entendre that can be used in a script re-write to appease a Television or Film censor.
"Did you catch the Lumberjack Sports Show on the TV? There were axeholes everywhere"

"Yeah, homo Ernie loves the axeholes, he's a real lumberjack."

"Well the censor said we can't have the villain say asshole. So, instead of a knife, we'll give him an axe, and as he finishes hacking his victim up, we'll have him say..."
"How do you like that, axehole?"
by JuanThompson July 19, 2007
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