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Avril is a great music artist. You may think shes a wanna be punk and a poser because of her rapid change in clothing. But you shouldnt judge an artist by their IMAGE but their music because she is an artist. Nor should u hate an artist cos everyone else does. I mean didnt you change ur clothing style over the years ? and she never stated that she sang punk music. Maybe if everyone actually listened to her music without knowing who she was they would probably like her. This is my opinion
person1)"Cool this song is awesome, do u know who sings it? Its called Losing grip"
Person2)"yeah it rocks doesnt it, its avril lavigne"
Person1)"oh serious nah if its sung by her its crap and stupid!"
by JuJuJuJuJuJu January 18, 2007
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Britney spears IS :
>Great dancer
>overall nice girl

Shes really hot, and who cares if she shows abit of SeX APPEAL? Most rnb, hip hop stars do and do people care, NO BECAUSE LIKING SEXY PPL FROM RNB AND HIP HOP IS COOL, BUT NOT BRITNEY SPEARS. Who cares if she lip syncs, she gives GREAT performances. She may not a role model for Children but in the entertainment industry who is?
Lets go see a concert?
Ok lets go to the britney spears one she gives great performances, you get what you pay for!
by JuJuJuJuJuJu January 18, 2007
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