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Used in chat conversations in place of "143", which is commonly known to all users. Essentially means "i love you, i love you" or 143 x 2=286.

Used also if your afraid to say "i love you" to a really good friend, and they won't have any clue to what your saying, but you do.
Guy - goodnight and sweet dreams
Girl - u2
Guy - yup, 286
by Josh Buss November 16, 2006

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This is the screw that after disassembling and reassembling any item/device is left over and has no visible place to go.
Everytime I work on laptops, I add another 'extra screw' to my collection


I can't find where this screw goes
It's alright man, its just The Extra Screw
by Josh Buss February 10, 2011

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