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A game including two or more persons (and respective computers) where a starting point and destination are mutually selected. A race then ensues to "click" from the origin to the destination, using only links encountered on the given Wikipedia pages. Using the keyboard and / or searching text, either in the search field or by the "find" command, is illegal.
We were bored during our computer lab time, so me and my friends Wiki Quested the whole time.

We Wiki Quested from "Toshiba" to "Abraham Lincoln" it took like 4 hours!
by Joseph W March 23, 2008
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To friend people you really don't know on facebook out of the sheer excitement of being in the same group as they are, in hopes of actually meeting later. A common example is in college acceptance groups.
All these nerds from Carnegie Mellon keep facebook pregaming me! I've had 25 requests since I joined yesterday.

Who are you?!? I want no part in your facebook pregame scheme...don't friend me until AFTER we've met!
by Joseph W April 07, 2008
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