1 definition by Jordan Gentry

One of the shittiest towns in the world. Full of people who say i dont care what other people think of me, but they really only care about what others think of them. Mostly white people and the town is almost small enough that everyone knows everyone. Home to one of the greatest junior colleges in america. CSI. a town where money can buy anything, and if u not rich or hansome u cant play sports no matter how athletic you are. A place where dreams are crushed because someone knows someone else, and a fair chance is never given. Considered a big town, but there is nothing to do but drink and get high. And sadly for a town this size the girls are anything but attractive.
Boy: i hate this town
Girl: well atleast you dont live in Twin Falls
Boy: That's very true, that place is shitty
Girl: I know
by Jordan Gentry June 18, 2008
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