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Similar to "talking", it's when both you and desired parter like each other, and romantic feelings and/or activities happen, but you're not officially dating the person yet.
Eric: Jordan and Courtney are always holding hands and all over each other. They have to be dating now.
Chris: Naah, they're just "in the like".
Eric: Still!?
by Jonwillig April 29, 2008
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a person with a large cock and hates gays. usually is high and loves to snort large amount of cocaine. and really hates gays. but loves mrs. v's snowjacket
Jon: Rod are you high again!?
Rod: .... Yea...
Jon: Cool. So you want to go meet my gay friend Eric?
Rod: NO! I hate gays!
Jon: Oh right.. Well want to go look at Ms. V's snow jacket?
Rod: YES!!

Girl: DAMN ROD! You got a HUGE rod!!
Rod: Yep! *thumbs up*
Girl: Well what to do now?
by Jonwillig March 15, 2008
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