3 definitions by Jonny838294

During oral sex, the women shall take off her clothes and her bikini. The man shall take the bikini and hold it with his right hand. Right when the couple is about to do vaginal sex, the man shall beat her up and spill the blood and Catch the blood with her bikini. The next time the man makes fillet mignon, he shall cook it in her blood bath while praising Satan for forgiveness. This act is typically committed once, because the cops show up the next day.
by Jonny838294 March 02, 2019
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When a man fists two dudes at the same time until their rectums fall out. After the act has been comitted the male shall drink the blood that has been spilled by the victims, then vomit it on the floor. Three men cum on the pile then poor it in a cup, creating a peppermint swirl, then one man shall be selected to be drowned in the peppermint swirl while the rest of the victims shout Montana slang.
Yo me and my girl did a Montana Muscle Shuffle
by Jonny838294 February 23, 2019
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Putting your throbbing dick inside the engine of a ram while being strapped on to the ram. The car needs to go exactly 69 mph to ensure the best but.
We finna do an Alabama ram 1500
by Jonny838294 March 20, 2019
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