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To give a straightforward definition free of opinion, a jock is a stereotype found in many American High schools and colleges about male athletes. Female athletes are sometimes referred to as jocks, but this is a male-based stereotype. Almost always football or basketball players, and sometimes soccer or hockey players, jocks are stereotyped as those athletes who are unintelligent, arrogant, and unkind, but who are nevertheless popular within their own clique and are of a high social status in school, attracting many girls and envied by dissimilar stereotypes. While they consist of many negative traits, the clear reason they remain of a high status is due to the idolization and admiration of athletes in American culture. The opposite stereotype include nerds and emos, and similar stereotypes are preps and cheerleaders.
See that jock? He's a mean jerk to people like me. But he also has ten girlfriends. Darn i wish i were him.
by Jonjon McSmith January 4, 2011
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