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A city also referred to as "white allis", the "dirty S", and "Dstall". Composed of a dead industrial center, the cities economy now runs on strip malls and fast food. The most common employment is 1)fast food worker 2)hopeful firefighter/cop 3)mechanic. This leads to chronic drinking, depression, and eventually cruising.
"so what are you doing after highschool?" Stallis resident,"Oh I'm looking into working 40 hour weeks at Quiznos so i can put black lights on my neon."
by Jonathan Miller December 20, 2004
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An individual who strives against the normative trends of society, soley to appear unique and special in some way.
Jonathan Randall is a Reverse Bandwagoner.
by Jonathan Miller November 01, 2005
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People who ignore the acts of government in there lives and proceed to do nothing to change what they do to represent them in an office of power.

Synonym: Conservative
The state of West Virginia is full of sheeple.
by Jonathan Miller April 07, 2005
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