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a state which is more vacant than an empty car park
I went through from California straight through to Utah without touching Nevada
by JonHawk November 4, 2006
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Aside from the Spice Girls, the biggest girlband ever to come out from the UK. Probably well-known for the hits Overload, Freak Like Me, Round Round, Hole in the Head and Push the Button. The 3 piece-band usually has a dance-pop feel without being overly cheesy and have lyrics which aren't highly unoriginal.

It will make your time out on the town alot more exciting. Don't blame me if your taping your foot on the ground or getting up in the bar and dancing like a complete idiot embarrasing your friends.

You think you've heard of pure musical genius? not until you've heard the sugababes.

P.S you have been WARNED.
by JonHawk November 4, 2006
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