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Formally known as the division between day and night when it is not-quite-day but not-quite-dark outside. Was once used metaphorically instilling a sense of foreboding, change, or ambiguity. However all those past senses have become quite archaic and have been replaced with a collection of delusion,s tween concepts of love and glitter... lots of glitter.
Person one: "It's almost twilight by now"
Person two: "I like Twilight too, but its not like I have to set apart time to ritually watch it"
Person one: "No, I meant its dusk"
Person two: "I also like books about bats, but its not like I have to set apart time to ritually read it alongside posters of Edward Cullen"
Person one: "No, like the time, you know, after day-time, but before night-time"
Person two: "Why the hell are we talking about bats and Twilight for then?"
by Jon Wonk April 08, 2010

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1) (verb) A legal term: 'to france' someone is when you poo in that person's garbage can. If one cannot poo at the time, rotten eggs, spoiled meat and moldy cheese works just as well. You may also feel free to substitute drawers, lockers, medical cabinets and potted plants for said garbage can.

2) (noun) A place often fought over by European powers throughout history... never associated with victory with the exception of other countries helping it.

3) (adjective) 'french' 'frenchman': to be 'french' involves essentially involves someone getting all their closest friends to join them in a fight against a rival group of friends, then quit when the going gets tough. First used during the latter part of the first world war.
1) Person 1: "Man, Milly's was so lame last night me and Jack franced every garbage can in the house before we left"
Person 2: "Dude, Milly's party is tomorrow"
Person 1: "Even so"

2) Napoleon: "We'll defeat Britain"
Continental Europe: "Shit we're on France's side"

shortly after World War Two broke out:
France: "Sacred-bleu, Je ne sais pas que je peux perdre si vite! but on bright side, that was the best evacuation of the military ever."
Britain: "Maggie! I'm on France's side. Hey US, wanna give a hand?"
US: "Nah we'd rather just sell weapons to everyone for a little while..."
Britain: "Whatever, I guess we'll just wait three or four years until Russia softens the Nazis up a bit"
US: "Too bad Russia's too poor to afford weapons..."

3) We don't hang out with Louis anymore 'cause we realized he was the french guy of the group
by Jon Wonk April 08, 2010

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