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The house nigger, as defined by Malcolm X, is the slave who imagines himself to be thought of as kin by his master because they live in the same house.

A modern-day equivalent is a dishwasher who has a chip on his shoulder because he busts suds at a four-star hotel or restaurant.
"What chu talking about?! I aint no field nigger slave! He aint my massa, he's my pal -- we live together see! I am a house nigger!"

"There's a huge difference between a guy who washes dishes at Denny's and a guy who washes dishes at the Ritz. The former is a dirtbag and the latter is a pro."
by Johnny 16 September 30, 2007

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The action of going home with a new partner for sexual purposes without leaving afterwards. Through charm and repeated sex, a one-night-stand can be prolonged for a full weekend, and further on through weeks and months. Though it may appear to be "love at first sight," it is actually the exchange of sex for housing.

This sort of "premature cohabitator" is almost always an impoverished female.
I spent about a year in London, camping in various places.
by Johnny 16 April 28, 2007

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