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Simply, the greatest country in the world. Any negative points said about it, is basically jelousy and every country has equal or far worse points. Britain created the British empire which covered most of the world, and started the industrial revolution which was a turning point in history... Also, our friends in the West, America, uses our language... and along with other countries makes it one of the most spoken languages in history. If it wasn't for England, good ol US of A would be full of native americans, and you woudnt have the necessities you have and take for granted. How great a country must we be, to rule most of the world, and achieving all this even though our country is so small!
WE MAY HAVE A CRAP FOOTBALL TEAM, BUT WE INVENTED FOOTBALL, SO HOW BOUT THAT! in conclusion, England is a phenominal country, and has achieved so much!
"England is so small, but has created so much"
by John-BeProud July 21, 2006

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The greatest kingdom in the world..... America is an awsome country aswel, we both have the best health-care, films, T.V,technology and military, but us Brits created the US, along with Ireland ....... they have our language, and culture, and are now the largest super power and the envy of the rest of the world, then the UK ... unfortunately the UK is overun with pakistanis, and we all know what them people get up to with their friendly muslim neighbours afghanistan, 7/7, 9/11...
We have acomplished so much, from a relatively small country.
Also, Britain wasnt saved by the Americans in WW2, your air force was only good with the introduction of the british rolls royce engine and technology, and also our scientists etc fleeing to america during ww2! in replayment, the US gave us some weapons ... UK & US rule!
Britain and america rule!
by john-beproud October 20, 2006

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