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Usually one of the two most likely political clubs to be approved by the administration of a college or university. First time members are usually freshmen with just an inkling of political sense or people who hope to find fellow "progressive" radicals. In essence, not too much different from College Repbulicans in that they stage their own protests, act as if they have true political swag, create events that bring protests from the opposing campus "party," and gives you an excuse to start conversations The political shoe is just on the other foot.
Dave became a poli-sci major freshman year and decided to join the College Democrats. He gave his dues and ended up joining a few protests and campaign supporting functions. Eventually, he became friends with the Howard Dean/Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama loving fanatics and rose to be president of the club. In the end, College Democrats provided him with some angsty, allegedly savvy hookups and some decent resume padding.
by John boy leroy February 22, 2007

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