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Some sort of watered down computer science rip-off. No one actually knows what it is, but everyone in academia likes to use the word.
That guy is majoring in Informatics, whatever that is.
by John Stigall April 23, 2005
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Part of a tailpipe, laying along the road, particularly in Kentucky, when seen, the curved part sticks up out of the grass like a cobra.
Looky there at the the Kentucky Cobra over there in the grass.
by John Stigall May 08, 2006
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Parking Deck apparently is what we yankees call a parking garage. It also could be called a car park, although they usually are not park-like.
Looky heaa at this slick new parking deck, ain't she somethin.
by John Stigall November 17, 2006
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The Ethernet speed everyone has to have, until 10 Gig comes along.
I gotta have Gigabit, gotta, gotta, gotta!

Shut up, you undeserving piece of crud and be happy you have a network at all!
by John Stigall June 02, 2005
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