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Oh - TEE - gee.

Stands for off the grid which essentially stands for phenomenally creative and unique - beyond comparison. Oteegee is a noun. It is that which is possessed by a person who is off-the-grid creative and transcends the norm.

It is unmistakable when someone has oteegee, yet it is elusive. It is a combination of power, charisma, intelligence, and the ability to harness them and use them for a worthy cause.
When we talk hockey, only one man has the oteegee to be crowned king; and that, my friends, is Wayne Gretsky.

Steve Jobs' never-quit approach keeps proving to us he's got the oteegee it takes to not only change his business, but change the world.
by John Coonen August 15, 2007

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Off the grid is an adjective or adverb, referring to the most extreme level of creativity and originality - sometimes, to a fault. AKA oteegee.

It may describe people, things, trends or actions.

Off the grid can describe current events which may be sinister. It may also describe people who have proven themselves so far superior in their chosen field that no one can compare.

It may also describe creativity or genius that's oftentimes so advanced that those who possess oteegee were often decades before their time.

Sometimes, innovation came so far before the general public was ready to accept it, that the originator actually died penniless, as is the case with many "off the grid" artists, engineers and inventors.

Utter genius beyond conventional comparison.
Leonardo DaVinci proved himself as an off the grid inventor.

Bob Dylan's off the grid musical talent is so powerful it keeps people buying albums long after his voice has failed him.

Michael Jordan and basketball? One word: oteegee, baby.

9-11's off the grid terror brought America to its knees.

by John Coonen August 15, 2007

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