2 definitions by Joey Koala

The mascot of Egglepple/Starbureiy company. The cutest little SOB you ever saw, and giving that Taco Bell dog a run for its money!
I got the chance to hug Joey Koala in person. Wait, I think it was a person in a costume because he had ten fingers and he spoke to me when I stepped on his toe.
by Joey Koala September 29, 2007
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The math company formed in the late 20th century by Link Egglepple Starbureiy that makes addictive products while actually making math fun. Famous for its opera and characters like Joey Koala, Fefferlen Orange, and Honne Bay. Today it owns lots of arcades and tv stations. Probably one of the richest companies around.
Those "Starbureiy math time!" commercials are annoying. Why don't you guys change that?
by Joey Koala September 29, 2007
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