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Best flippin' game ever created. Only the ultra amazing minds of Joe E and Adam K could have come up with such an amazing game.

Played with 2 teams of a max of 2 players on each side, on a tennis court.

1. No reaching over or going over the other side of the net
2. If the ball goes over the fence, you lose
3. You lose if the ball completly stops rolling
4. Balls that somehow roll under the fence and stop under, or on the other side are played, andn counted as a stop.
6. No blacks, jews or Ty's.
7. The only exception to the player-per team-rule is if you are playing double court (!!!)
"Up for some Googaly Goggaly Tennis today, Adam?"
"Heck yes! Kristyn is goin' down!"

And yes, she lost.
by Joe E Rules April 13, 2005

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