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a story that isnt too long or too short and ends up in a sexual encounter of an impossible but funny way. also has a short and often shitty ending that dosent relate to the story at all.
alright so this one time ian was in vermont and he was done snowboarding for the day so he headed home. on his way home he saw a moose and a naked chick with huge boobs and a great body riding on his back. she then asked ian if he wanted to fuck this moose with her. he politly declined but put out the option of fuckin him, she took the bait. once comfortable and naked ian proceded to fingering the mysterious woman. she wasnt acknoledging his fingers were even inside of her so he began to use his fist. when she responded witha moan of pleasure ian got excited and moved in further.but then she started bleeding. "stop fucking bleeding on my fucking arm you dumb bitch" ian exclaimed! now he was elbow deep in the slut and she was screaming and still bleeding for more. ian obliged and went shoulder deep therefore shouldering her. his outstreched fingers were protruding from her mouth when he was all the way in and she was loving every second. untill she started to choke. since she could not stop bleeding ian soo became grossed out and bored so ian popped her head off and she bled to death . now thats a good story.
by Joe Boner April 16, 2007

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