3 definitions by JoHa841

1. A story used to make a statement or convey a specific meaning. Its setting, characters, and symbols can be interpreted as either figurative or literal.

2. The opposite of a georggebushy.
The Lord of the Rings is believed by many to be an allegory.

The idea of an environmentalist owning a private jet seems like a bit of an allegory to me.
by JoHa841 February 23, 2008
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An excellent college party drink. Start with one tea spoon of orange tang. Then add a 20 oz sprite and a shot of Vodka. Stir approppriately. If you don't put the tang in first, you lose the fizz.
Last night I asked the bar tender for some poontang. She slapped me.

I enjoy sipping on poontang.

You should see Betsy. Her poontang is famous around here.
by JoHa841 March 24, 2009
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Heavy,when you weigh it on your tongue.

Originates from a fake definition on the inside of a snickers wrapper.
This Snickers bar is substantialicious.

Your mom told me that I was substantialicous.
by JoHa841 February 21, 2008
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