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Similar to "Beer Goggles". It is the act in which military personnel flip and wear their sun glasses upside down when looking or talking about an individual, who wouldn't be considered "attractive" back home. Because of the lack of good looking military people during deployment, it would be acceptable to "Deploy Your Deployment Goggles" and say how hot the "Unattractive" person is, and it would be completely acceptable by your military friends, as long as your "Deployment Goggles" are worn when talking to the individual or when talking about them around your military friends.
"Man, if you put on your deployment goggles, that private with the long nose and the buck teeth looks bangin. Im going to go talk to her"

"Man you have low standards. I cant believe you were talking to the GM2 with the bad breath and pimples. You weren't even wearing you deployment goggles. Your sick"
by Jnewbs26 May 11, 2010
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