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A design in which therefore prevents a combustion engine from revving past a manufacturers "extreme revs".

Two main types; Hard cut Rev limiter, soft cut.

Hard: preventing spark deployed occurring and so the fuel will not ignite, and so the engine cannot continue to accelerate. Usually referred to as "banging off the limiter", or any Honda boy.

(That includes grom/msx125.)
Soft: using a fuel cut limiter to prevent the engine from inscresing speed. Used more in modern cars since it is more environmentally friendly. Usually will hear it just stick to the RPM's and not bounce. Just continues at a constant speed without dropping and then increasing revs again.
So I pulled up the the lights, and started banging off my 5k two step rev limiter; dropped the clutch and off I went, leaving him for dust!
by Jmp00 October 14, 2017
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