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A malicious teenage boy who dates terrifyingly ugly girls half his age. The basis of this wicked act is "EXTREME DESPERATION". They have a propensity to be very ugly (uglier than Jay-Z) that the miraculous mirror shatters into a thousand pieces, causing them to chase little one metre tall primary school girls with pony tails. They have an affinity to be a "LONER" at school, hiding in the dark shadows of “CU DEN”, and always suck up to the sometimes hot teachers on yard duty. They prefer the wicked looking. The teacher just wants to say to them "FUCK OFF UGLY PERVERTED FUCK". They then become very depressed and look so impious that they will start a bloodbath massacre. They are precarious creatures. They are the root of all evil and repugnance.

They tend to have "weird retarded hair" and they're face is filled with pimples. They walk with this gay retarded hunch. They are occasionally very clumsy (Tony), scientific facts have concluded that they were born like this. Statistics show that when they are born, 1 in 3 parents contemplate about killing them. Who the hell wants to have the ugliest looking paedophiliac child in the world?

In the final verse of "Bible 2", Jesus says that he must come back to us (for the second time) to stop this menacing subhuman from disturbing our exultant daily lives.

When kahuchens mature into adults, they are likely to go for even younger girls. Their favourite time of the year is the school holidays and after school (around 3.30) . Police refer to these kahuchens as desperate paedophiles. But "KOOL" people refer to them as "kahuchen".

In all aspects, they are the most terrifying creatures/retards to live on this earth. And a bill has been passed into parliament to try and eradicate these horrid beings.
"Look, he's touching the little girl's ass!"

"call the cops, but first smash the fuck out of him"

"put some gloves on, you don't want to be like them"
by Jman23 April 28, 2005

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to drink coke or any soda, without opening it's cap fully.

It stands for:
Not Opening It Fully

Many people who noif, tend to have long lasting drinks. And they are also considered "kool" by their peers.

Origin of it is not clearly known, however some noifers have said that it originated in inner-melbourne suburbs.
Dude 1: Whats that style of drinking called?

Dude 2: itz called noifing manz, only kool people do it.
by Jman23 April 26, 2005

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