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A basketball reference. When yo mans calls a false call and you both shoot for possession of the ball (see miss off me; tops if necessary; tops period). Whoever wins possession has the right to say "Ball don't lie" in order to justify his actions. Some people believe that the phrase "Ball don't lie" has deeper meaning. They believe that God (through the ball) may invoke a certain karma for lying by altering the path of the ball in favor of the honest player. Which basically means even if u win the ball, u gon miss od even if u usually got the glitch and Mr. get yo garbage man construction worker loookin' head is gonna drop u, break yo ankles put it on snap and TYB (see TYB).
Jerome-*Trips on air while driving in the paint* "Foul"!!!
Bobby-" I didn't touch you ur 5 feet away from me"
Bobby- "You know what, Jerome miss off you"
Jerome- "Bet" *Swishes shot* "I guess Ball don't lie"

3 days later

Tyrone- "Dang Jerome how you got your ankles cooked and yo girl won't even sign yo cast "

-At Jerome's Locker, Everbody Watching

Patricia- "Jerome we through I 'ont date trash like you! Ima be chillin' with my new boo Bobby".

Bobby- "Coach Brown just said he doesn't know how he missed me during tryouts and that Ima take yo spot as starting point guard as of today". "I guess Ball really doesn't lie".
by Jjordy2326 August 10, 2018