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A large shit that involves sweating and strainging so much that a change in wardrobe is necessary. Counting down from 10, start removing all your clothes. When all clothes are removed, release the load of shit from your anus and yell "Grand Slam". Then, if you are Spencer Meyer, continue to masturbate on the spot.
Dude, I just took a grand slam dump. It was awesome. Thats the second one this month!
by Jizzman69 January 20, 2008

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A reaction when you see a fine fox, say a nice attracive lady is laying on your towel, and you don't want to take away that towel from her, you say very nice,"Ma'am, You can Keep The Towel." And If she throws it back at you you must sniff it.
Greg, Charlie, Ross, What do I say to this fox? She is laying on my towel! Greg Says: First ya gotta tell that bitch to keep it, then ya hit that shit when your done!
Spencer Says: Hey Bitch you can Keep The Towel!

And The Story went on as of that day Spencer had boned his first women and let me tell you this my friends, just because of that one line, all the ladies in his hometown now get towels thrown at them when they are nude at the beach.
by Jizzman69 January 14, 2008

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