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1. A class in which one learns about the importance of technology in the theatre.

2. Time set aside to learn while production work is happening.

3. Some of the worst hours one will ever experience in his/her life.
I'm running behind on shop hours in scene/lighting tech, so I just worked 4 hours straight using a staple gun on a hollywood flat.
by JiNx2013 October 16, 2009

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a website where one can create their own definitions to common (or original) words; a website which refuses to post positive definitions of such people as lance bass (i.e. lance bass is an angel of music and a very genuine person), but allows crude statements about them (i.e lance bass is a faggot that needs to die) therefore making it a senseless organization of ignorance.
I tried to post something positive and uplifting on urbandictionary.com, but they rejected it... but I saw a cruel, demeaning definition for the same word I originally tried to post on the website... what is this world coming to?
by Jinx2013 October 14, 2009

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