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A wealthy blue chip suburb in Melbourne, Australia. Whilst often noted as the HQ of the city's fine upper class, it is really populated by the desperately nouveau riche, who spend big thinking they're buying a spot in high society, when in fact they should probably be buying in South Yarra or Canterbury. The term is applied to some hoe/bro who is trying to impress, but is totally off the mark.
'Brian just spent $500 on calibre shoes, but they look fucking cheap, the dude if so Toorak'
by Jimmys March 11, 2008
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An alternative to hell.
God: Jimmy, you took two lives while you lived in my earth, but I see you have redeemed for your actions. Maybe a few century's in Mexico will earn you a space in my kingdom.

Jimmy: I guess i had that coming.........
by JimmyS May 15, 2007
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