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Home of the hipsters.

If you're is living in LA, into the Indie Music scene, and you're a male with 2% bodyfat plus unwashed hair, or a female with a mullet and bad hygiene - then this is where you aspire to live.

Silverlake is a relatively expensive place to live for those who work in record stores, coffee shops or book stores. Therefore, not all of them can afford to live in the Motherland of retro garage fashion. Instead, many opt to live in the surrounding areas such as Echo Park or Los Feliz.

The restaurants and bars are mediocre at best in Silverlake when compared to the rest of LA, but a Silverlake resident will rarely leave Silverlake for a meal, a show, clothes, groceries etc. Many do not even realize that LA has beachfront cities/a beach.

Its mostly known for it's hipster music venues - Spaceland, The Echo, and Silverlake Lounge. This is where you are most likely to hear the next new thing that the rest of the country has been deemed 'not cool enough' to know about.

If you've ever seen the movie 'Gimme Shelter', then you already know exactly what 90% of the male population in Silverlake dresses like, per their every day Hipster costumes.

If you've ever seen a female street junkie who needs a bath, but keeps her fashion dedicated to her 80's rock roots, then you've seen 90% of the female population in Silverlake.
Guy in Culver City: Jesus, look how skinny that guy is.

Girl in Culver City: Which Guy?

Guy in Culver City: The one in the black jeans, sleeveless shirt, star tattoo and needs a shower.

Girl in Culver City: Ah yeah. The Silverlaker.

Guy in Culver City: I bet you could defeat him in the arena of physical combat.

Girl in Culver City: Yes, but I dont want to smell like 'homeless' for the rest of the night.
by JimmyGordon September 03, 2006
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