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An adult male who, due to a psychological or physical issue (often lack of stature) which gives them a complex of inadequacy , feels compelled to "prove themselves" to both friends and others on any given occasion by advocating and indulging in stupid and often dangerous acts of male bravado. The participants are often aided in these acts by their beer muscle.
"After a few beers, he was behaving like a little man"
by Jimmy Mac October 18, 2004
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he plays board games with board games and he's sad that he's flying
by jimmy mac August 23, 2003
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A term for most women now days who hang around wealthy men, be he attractive or not, Looking to marry him for his money.
also reffered to as a gold digger.
Look at those groupies all over that singer, they are all Dough-Eyed.
by Jimmy Mac December 10, 2004
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A retarded dork geek nerd !!
orvilie is a a....loser Gekmolect.
by Jimmy Mac December 10, 2004
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