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Famous Mexican singer,also founder of Mexicab service. Some of Sanchezez hits are:Mexican Minor,Mexican and Me,Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez,Mexicans in space,Squeeze me Mr.Mexican.
He is also a filmmaker with movies such as:Mexican Minor Saga 1-13(starring Julio Malpica),I`m Brown Saga 3-8,Mustache Afternoon,Mexican Caught Masturbating Sideways in your Grandmas House,Mexican Jesus 1-35.
He is also recognized as Mexico`s greatest man,and also the president.
His parents are Chuck Norris,Bruce Lee,Mr.T and 6 of Mexico`s fattest men.
He was featured Koreas Sexiest Men Alive in slot #3 between George Lopez and Julio Malpica.
He also has several late night talk shows including Sanchez Tonight,Sanchez This Morning and Afternoon with Sanchez.
Jim Sanchez=Jesus,God,Buddha,Ghandi.
by JimjiminSanchez September 24, 2010
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A taxi service reserved for mainly people of mexican descent, and there is a taco/burritto/tequila/chimichanga/nacho bar in the backseat,so in other words,it is the only time when being mexican is a good thing. It was founded by Jim Sanchez in 1975.
Non-Mexican:Yo we should grab a cab back.
Mexican:No im gonna grab a mexicab,its better.
Non-Mexican:Sweet,ill come with you.
Mexican:Sorry,youre not a mexican,so it sucks to be you.
Non-mexican:that is the first time that sentence has ever been said.
by JimjiminSanchez September 24, 2010
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