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The Nintendo Revolution is the next generation of Gaming, brought to you by nintendo. It is called the revolution because it "Revolutionizes" the way we game today.
It's controller looks like a Remote Control. It has in total (including the Analog attachment) 6 buttons. (Z1, Z2, A, B, a, b) Now correct me if i'm wrong, but most games now use more than 6 buttons, and almost all use at least 2 analog sticks. Also their, secret "revolutionary" function is that the controller can detect motion, adn replecate that in the game...

Basically, nintendo want's you to Sit there on your sofa waving your arms around like an idiot and expect to think of yourself as "cool" now some may tell you that: "Hey! you don't have to swing your arm, ayou can just move your wrists." Well you try and move your TV remote aroudn wit your wrists for a few hours? (hardcore gamers)

Nintendo is also trying to appeal to "non gamers" with the "familliar design of a remote control" Nintendo want's everyone to be able to pick up the controller and say, "Hey! this is fun." It's a nice plan i admit, but there is one fatal flaw...

Hardcore Gamers. These are the kinds of people who will spend a few hours a day playing video games. They only buy the best of the best games out there. They look for depth, gameplay, and length in a game. Also partially graphics.
Now, these people and "non gamers" don't really mix well when trying to cater to. Non gamers may not enjoy insanely complex puzzeles or 60hr storylines that hardcore gamers may want. This is the problem.

Nintendo may be catering to the "non gamers", but totally screwing over the hardcore gamers, the fans who have defended and supported them for a long time.
Hey! a nintendo Revolution. Let's play it!
Sure this could be fun

Wow that was fun.
Ya seriously

Hey a nintendo Revolution. I wanna try!
Ok let's go!
come on... That story was weak.... tis game only lasted a few hours...
Ya and my wrists hurt...
by Jimbo Slven April 15, 2006

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