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What you say before he/she reaches climax. Thus, loving someone so much they climaxed during a passionate intimate ritual. Taming that whore and mounting her like a lion!
Boy: A-ahh... Oh my lord.
Girl: Mmm, FUCK YEA.
Girl: O-oh my God, I-I love you too!!
*The girl lovingly came.*
by JillianaMichelle December 03, 2010

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(Role-play); A hobby naturally between Otaku Children 9+ who sit in online chat rooms all day pretty much doing things they'd probably never do in RL (Real life). And usually give a full description opposite of what they really look like.

Role-play can be used through many links anyway, such as chatrooms, fourms, email, online video games, messengers and MMORPGs.

Now a days, the only RP you're going to get is from either boys pretending to be girls, girls pretending to be guys. Virgins acting like whores, and Whores acting like virgins!
*****RPFgg0t has signed on *******

RPFgg0t : *walks into the room*

*****NonRPFgg0t has signed on *******

RPFgg0t : *smiles and quietly uses an emo blade to cut at his/her wrists*


RPFgg0t : *looked over to the other person, putting the blade down as blood gushed down his/her arms and legs.* ...I'm...going to kill myself.

NonRPFgg0t : ...HAHA, Emo-kid. Get on cam and prove it.

RPFgg0t : ...its jus roleplay, i hope u kno dat.

NonRPFgg0t : ...Well..That was a waste of my time. Gonna go pwn n00bs on Black Ops.

*****NonRPFgg0t has signed off *******
by JillianaMichelle December 07, 2010

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