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1. Any person or persons with greedy tendencies, taking all they can.
2. Not literally, but hands that are dirtied up with selfishness. i.e. hands that steal.
3. A person who cannot keep their hands off of something or someone has the "grabbing hands" - or has to have something in their hands at all times.
Examples of 1:"The higher ups are always the grabbing hands."
"The grabbing hands grab all they can only for themselves."

Example of 2: "Thieves always have a bad case of the grabbing hands and never know when to stop"

Examples of 3: "He got a little too carried away with his grabbing hands with me after I had asked him to stop countless times"

"She always has to have a grabbing hand on her phone, like it was glued to it"
by JewK September 13, 2012
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- The process of shoving ones dick so far down a partner's throat that they start choking and it sounds like their vocal chords are going for a jog. (i.e. the sound that they make is similiar to that of chewbacca's)
"Last night I took some bitch for a throat jogg and my dick got a major workout"

"I throat jogged my grilfriend so hard that she couldn't speak the next day. My bad"
by JewK September 12, 2012
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- The act of one denying the existence of anything good ever happening.

- The reverse act of "cutting your losses"
"He'd be lucky if he keeps his job for another week. He's been cutting his gains like crazy."

"You'd be cutting your gains if you said that you hate your life"
by JewK September 12, 2012
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- The fictional scent of someone who disagrees with religion/theories/faith so much that it practically secretes from their glands.
"When he burnt down the church on the hill you could practically smell the infidel musk he was wearing"
by JewK September 12, 2012
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