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jews are members of one of the oldest religions in history. we didnt kill christ, we dont have horns, and yes, we are white. We never excluded any of you other religions so you have no right to insult us. We are nice, we love traditions, lox and bagels, going to summercamps, hebrew school, and some of us tend to shop a little too much (particularly those of us from long island), but we are full of personality and drive. Jews tend to have some connection to almost every jew they meet, no matter where it is. We have lots of holidays that no one else understands anything about. We do not decide out morals from our torah, most jews generally have their own opinions. When jews retire, and leave the northeast, most move to florida. Also, jews love us some yiddish jokes.
You'd never know they're all jewish if their last name wasn't Goldenshtein.
by Jew Rosenberg February 28, 2005
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