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The coolest guy in the world, but can be an asshole from time to time and is carefree when it comes to just about anything. Basically he just doesn't give a shit......

A Nicholas or Nick....enjoys chonga and the finer things in life....He is a drifter and a daydream believer....some might speculate that the Nicholas is a conceited, hopeless romantic, and is most likely a loner.
(Jessica)- have you talked to that conceited asshole Nicholas lately?

(Britney)- No, why?

(Jessica)- Because i want to confess my love to him....his bad ass careless attitude just makes me go crazy for him.

(Nick off in the distance)- Damn straight bitch. Nobody can resist this body.
by Jetnick August 25, 2008
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1.) A Substitute word. It can mean anything and everything.....can be followed by mya or bya

2.) Tits
1.) Hey Chonga mya! (substituting someones name for Chonga)

2.) CHONGA!! (used when frustrated)

(Steve)- If you don't shut the fuck up right now i'm going to kick you in the chongas.

(Bob)......(scared shitless)

John- did you see that girl's Chonga's?

Tedd- hell yeah i did....and she had a nice ass too!
by Jetnick August 25, 2008
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