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(v.) In the absence of lubrication, sexual partners seeking to perform the sodomistic act of anal sex must oft be creative. The running start is a manuever where one partner steadies herself (usu. against a bed) while the other partner accelerates in the first's direction. At the end of the second partner's path lies a dry butthole therefore speed is necessary to perform this manuever.

Once adequate velocity is acheived, the second partner thrusts his erect penis into the anus of the first individual. Thus, the lubrication normally necessary to make this type of insertion is obviated.

Figure 1 depicts and accurate and scale representation of a running start in progress.

Fig. 1

---> |== ____"0 |
---> |_ (( --00\______|
/\ || | |
Girl, "We are all out of analeaze!"

Boy, "But you are trolling for vampires and I am so horny!"

Girl, "We could do it even though I am having my period?"

Boy, "That is fucked up. How about a running start?"

Girl, "Ok, I guess... I'm Ready..." **YIPE!!!**
by Jesys Chryst June 22, 2005
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