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iRivers have come to be known as Ipod ripoffs, but that is simply is not true. The iRiver and the iAudio are two vastly superior mp3 players. The Best on the market. Color Screen, support for more file types, longer battery life, better build quality, FM tuner, the ability to play videos and display pictures, and better sound quality then most players. All of that for the same price as a standard plain iPod. For the people who want a good mp3 player, or for those who just want to stand out.
Typical ignorant idiot: Dude, is that an iPod?
Me: No, it's an iRiver.
Same idiot as before: HAHAHAHA you are so cheap.
Me: YOU IDIOT! it's the same price and is vastly superior to the ipod.
by Jesus the second July 23, 2005
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